April 23, 2017

Balinese Sunsets

After a day of adventuring with PJ, we went our separate ways for the evening. I ended up meeting up with some other people from couchsurfing to watch the sunset. I have always loved watching the sunset, and the Balinese sunsets were amazing. So amazing in fact that this whole post is just pictures of the sunsets over several days.


ISO 100  f/11  1/640  BW

Okay, this is a little before sunset, but I really liked this picture.


ISO 100  f/11  1/40

As the sun set there were tons of people trying to capture that perfect picture.


ISO 100  f/11  1/40

The fact that it was low tide gave some really amazing views.


ISO 400  f/11  1/13

I watched one sunset with some new friends from couchsurfing at a restaurant on the beach.


ISO 640  f/11  1/20

After the sun set was when the colors started to pop.


ISO 640  f/11  1/20

Sometimes you couldn’t tell where the beach ended and the sea began.


ISO 640  f/11  1/4

After the sun’s colors disappeared the restaurant’s colors took front stage.


ISO 640  f/5  1/3200

Other days it was all about the kids having fun in the water.


ISO 640  f/3.5  1/3200

I couldn’t count the number of people on the beach to watch the sunset each night.


ISO 400  f/3.5  1/250

But it’s easy to understand why there were always so many people.


ISO 400  f/3.5  1/250

I even took some panorama shots, not sure how they’ll turn out on the website since they had to be resized.


ISO 400  f/3.5  1/250

There was a live band playing while I watched the sunset, a very loud band.


ISO 400  f/3.5  1/250

Even as loud as they were, they couldn’t ruin the view.


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