January 13, 2017

Bandipur Nepal

After a couple hours ride, with a few stops along the way, we ended up in Bandipur. Bandipur is a quaint mountain town with an almost wild west feeling to it. There are several small bars and restaurants along the one main street, which is for foot traffic only.



ISO 640  f/11  1/320

Our first stop in Bandipur, a man-made park ontop of a mountain for some soccer.


ISO 500  f/11  1/200

A kick save by one of the locals, sorry Bickey no goal this time.


ISO 640  f/11  1/1600

One of the locals having a cigarette break while watching everyone play soccer.


ISO 640  f/11  1/640  BW

Bickey’s turn in goal.


ISO 640  f/11  1/60

There’s just something about blue doors in this country.


ISO 640  f/8  1/25

The old stone walls. I imagine a lot of hard work and sweat went into making these.


ISO 640  f/11  1/1250

An abandoned bar where the lanterns remind everyone of a better day.


ISO 640  f/11  1/800

The size of the rocks this woman was carrying was unbelievable.


ISO 640  f/11  1/200

She caught me catching her. Check out the size of those rocks they’re carrying.


ISO 640  f/11  1/200

The endless smiling of the children in this country is unrivaled.


ISO 640  f/11  1/1250

The slow life of the elderly in Bandipur, sitting on the side of the road relaxing.


ISO 640  f/11  1/60

While the slow life of the youth is sitting in piles of hay.


ISO 640  f/11  1/800

A short hike part way up a mountain to get ready for sunset.


ISO 640  f/11  1/320

Bickey and I enjoying our time before the sunset.


ISO 640  f/11  1/40

The little boy in the hay and his friend started making their way up the mountain.


ISO 640  f/11  1/80

The exhausting walk through the mountains home.


ISO 640  f/11  1/500

The town of Bandipur as the sun starts to set.


ISO 640  f/11  1/60

The boys decided to join us for sunset. They couldn’t get enough of us taking their picture.


ISO 640  f/8  1/500

The reflection of the sunset off the Himalayas.


ISO 640  f/8  1/320

The setting sun made the bright white snow turn orange.

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