April 13, 2017

El Nido

After going to prison and really enjoying my time, I was excited for what else I would find on Palawan. I booked a tour for the next day to go to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. I would spend the morning exploring the river before taking a long bus ride up to El Nido. Unfortunately, although the Underground River was quite beautiful, it was not very ideal for taking pictures. The following are pictures from my time in El Nido.


ISO 250  f/7.1  1/3200

Okay I lied, this is the one decent picture I have from the beach near the underground river.


ISO 200  f/9  1/60

The side streets of El Nido, the first tourists arrived to El Nido in 1984.


ISO 200  f/9  1/200

Only within the last 10-15 years has the town turned into a tourist destination. As recent as 10 years ago it would take 12 hours by bus to get to El Nido from Puerto Princesa, now it takes six hours.


ISO 200  f/10  1/200

What exactly is a street rat here?


ISO 200  f/9  1/1000

The view from the beach in front of town. While not the best beach, or the best view, these waters lead to some beautiful islands.




ISO 100  f/11  1/200

The views while cruising through the islands are quite amazing.


ISO 100  f/11  1/200

Some of the islands rise out of the waters to sheer cliffs.


ISO 100  f/11  1/400

Others don’t seem like they’ll be islands much longer.


ISO 100  f/11  1/160

When you finally get somewhere, there is always someone waiting to sell you a drink.


ISO 100  f/11  1/320

Assuming their boat doesn’t float away when they’re not looking.


ISO 100  f/11  1/100

The fact that they cooked all this on a tiny charcoal grill on our boat still amazes me.


ISO 100  f/11  1/125

While the views were amazing, there were always a ton of boats and people making it hard to take pictures.

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