November 28, 2016

Life Moves On

My last few weeks in Japan were full of adventures, parties, packing, and goodbyes. I had little time for the website, and upon getting to Nepal I’ve been without internet and unable to post anything new. So, before I start posting about Nepal, I have a few pictures from my last few days in Japan.


Takachio Mountain

ISO 500  f/4  1/6

A wet hike to the top of Takachiho Mountain. The clouds parted as we reached the first shrine.


Mountain Top

ISO 1000  f/7.1  1/8

After finally reaching the top of Takachiho Mountain (soaking wet and cold) it was time for some coffee.


Chicken Nanba

ISO 1000  f/7.1  1/25  BW

After making it to the bottom of the mountain and going to the coin laundry to dry our clothes we stopped for lunch in Miyazaki.


Chicken Nanba

ISO 1000  f/7.1  1/20

Chicken Nanban lunch set, Miyazaki’s famous food.



ISO 1000  f/7.1  1/60

We made it to the bottom of the mountain!



ISO 640  f/10  1/250

Daisuke and I in front of my apartment showing off my new tattoo, 一期一会


Last Night Saga

ISO 800  f/6.3  0.3

My last night in Saga, spent with some of the best friends I have.



ISO 1000  f/6.3  1/20

The old Temiya Line in Otaru, Japan. Part of the Horonai Railway, Hokkaido’s first railway.



ISO 1000  f/6.3  1/13

Otaru is famous for its sushi, some of the best in the world. Try some at Fuji Zushi.



ISO 500  f/13  1/800

In Kamakura, Japan you can find one of the most famous icons of Japan at Kōtoku-in.

ISO 500  f/13  1/500

The Great Buddha is made completely out of bronze and weighs approximately 102.5 tons.


Mt. Fuji

ISO 500  f/20  1/800

Mt. Fuji piercing the clouds. My first time seeing Mt. Fuji after living in Japan for 2.5 years.



ISO 500  f/13  1/50

The entrance to Enoshima Shrine on Enoshima Island in Kanagawa, Japan.



ISO 500  f/13  1/250

Sunset over the Tama River.



ISO 500  f/10  1.6

The view over the Tama river at sunset. One of the last pictures during my time in Japan.


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