October 4, 2016

The Fox and the Tree

Shinto Shrines ( 神社 )are all over Japan, you can find massive ones in the middle of cities, or small ones tucked down a side street. There are many types of shrines for different gods. One type is the Inari Shrine, where the Inari God is the god of foxes, fertility, rice, tea, sake, agriculture and industry, and of general prosperity and worldly success. There are only about 13 main Inari shrines in Japan, one of the most famous being only an hour drive away from my apartment.

Yutoku Inari Shrine

ISO 640  f/11  1/640

Yutoku Inari Shrine – Kashima City, Saga Prefecture Japan.

Hand Washing

ISO 500  f/11  1/125

Don’t forget to wash your hands.


ISO 500  f/11  1/250

Koi need food too.


ISO 500  f/11  1/800

One of many places to ask what you may of the gods.


ISO 500  f/11  1/80

Toss your coin- bow twice- clap twice- say what you wish- bow to finish.

Stairway To

BW  ISO 500  f/11  1/250

Then you start the climb.


ISO 500  f/10  1/100

Inari Shrines tend to have a lot of Torii (red gates) to walk through on the way up.

Snake Torii

ISO 500  f/10  1/200

Don’t forget to look around.

Torii Down

ISO 500  f/10  1/50

Sometimes you must go down in order to go up.


ISO 500  f/10  1/60

Which Path will you choose?

Rocky Climb

ISO 500  f/10  1/60

The stairways sometimes disappear.


ISO 500  f/6.3  1/50

Paths off the side tend to lead to smaller shrines.


ISO 500  f/13  1/125

There is never a shortage of beauty at a shrine.


ISO 500  f/13  1/250

You know I have to take a picture of the mushrooms.


ISO 500  f/13  1/100

We’ll take the back-road home.

You can find tree’s whenever you look out your door if you live in the country. When you live in the city, it can be another story. In the west, we tend to see trees as easily replaceable whereas sometimes, it’s best if we just leave them alone. The locals in Takeo City, Saga Prefecture Japan have done just that, for the last 3,000+ years.


ISO 500  f/13  1/400

A dramatic entrance to a living legend.

Dragon's Breath

ISO 500  f/13  1/250

Don’t forget to wash your hands.

Bamboo Way

ISO 500  f/13  1/25

The bamboo vs. pine road.


BW  ISO 500  f/13  1/30

Sometimes, beauty can’t be captured in a picture.

Mr. 3000

ISO 500  f/13  1/25

A 100 ft tall, 3,000 year old tree. Power spot.

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